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Workrise x Right Side Up

Founded in 2014, Workrise is a supply chain platform built to power the energy industry. They make it easier, faster, and safer for energy companies, their vendors, and energy workers to get together and deliver energy projects.

The Challenge

When we first connected with Workrise in 2019, the energy industry and their business were both evolving rapidly. This period of change meant it was incredibly difficult for their team to pinpoint exactly what kinds of talent would be needed and when.

They knew they needed additional resources to help them hit their growth goals, but needed to validate the role types that would be most effective with fractional resources first before committing to permanent staffing. This ultimately led them to connect with Right Side Up.

[.c-comment-study-wrapper][.cc-mb-20]“Our business was changing rapidly and we needed space to test the skill sets that would accelerate growth before hiring for the full time roles.”[.cc-mb-20]Candice Lewis-Steinman, Head of Marketing, Workrise[.c-comment-study-wrapper]

The Solution

After learning more about their business and the types of challenges they were facing, we knew we could help Workrise fill gaps on their marketing team. When they didn’t have the expertise in-house to solve specific challenges, we provided them with fractional marketers who did. When they had short term or rapidly changing needs, we provided them with flexible marketing resources whose hours they could scale up and down as those needs evolved. We also provided them with part-time resources in order to help them test new strategies and tactics and evaluate whether the investment in hiring a full-time employee would be warranted.

Our first placement went smoothly, and that positive experience led them to return to us many times over the course of the four years we’ve been working together. They appreciated the quality of our talent, the flexibility of our model, the speed at which we were able to match them with the right marketers for their specific needs, our responsiveness, and overall how easy it was to work with Right Side Up.

Workrise x Right Side Up engagements

The Impact

Over the course of our four year partnership, Right Side Up helped Workrise fill 12 gaps on their marketing team with fractional consultants across a range of disciplines including demand generation, product marketing, content marketing, field marketing, HubSpot implementation/management, and marketing operations.

One of those consultants, Tasha Berry-Stanton, converted to full-time after the initial engagement ended, and she’s currently leading a team of her own that’s focused on driving revenue through product marketing and demand generation.

[.c-comment-study-wrapper][.cc-mb-20]“My background was primarily in advertising tech and SaaS. Consulting via Right Side Up gave me the opportunity to apply my B2B marketing expertise to a totally new industry (energy) at a company going through a major transformation. It turned out that while marketing to the energy industry was completely different than anything I had done before, I fell in love with it.”[.cc-mb-20]Tasha Berry-Stanton, Director of Marketing, Workrise[.c-comment-study-wrapper]

Another one of those consultants helped them go from 0 to 1 on measurement, connecting the dots across systems, making sure all of those systems were speaking to each other, and ultimately helping the Workrise team understand marketing impact on the overall bottom line.

[.c-comment-study-wrapper][.cc-mb-20]“The flexibility that we’ve been able to get with RSU has been hugely impactful for our team. We have been able to get high quality specialized talent within a few days to fill gaps. We not only have been able to find talent for short term needs but also longer term talent that have really become a part of our team.”[.cc-mb-20]Candice Lewis-Steinman, Head of Marketing, Workrise[.c-comment-study-wrapper]

[.c-tip-wrapper]Need to fill gaps on your marketing team and/or prove out the need for a full-time hire?[.c-text-wrapper] Get in touch, we'd love to chat.[.c-text-wrapper][.c-tip-wrapper]