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Work for yourself and we’ll work for you

Right Side Up pairs top-tier marketing talent (that’s you) with projects and clients that suit your skills. Whether you’re looking to fly solo or be part of a SWAT team, we’ll be your built in biz dev.

Work with us

“Out on your own” never felt so supported

Allow us to make an introduction

If you've got the marketing chops, we've probably got someone you should meet. Whether you're looking for a freelance gig or a C-suite fractional role, you'll only hear from us after we've carefully vetted clients, scoped out the work, and matched it to your sweet spots.

Be your own boss, boss 

Deliver excellent work that thrills clients by taking on projects that light you up. Whether you want to moonlight or freelance full time, you dictate who you work with, how many hours you work, and how much you get paid.

Leave the operations to us

Admin and back office work aren’t everyone’s strong suit, but they are ours. We manage the contracts and billing for every engagement. We take on the risk to ensure you get paid weekly. And we chase down late payments.

Never go it alone

Going out on your own can be scary. Don’t worry—we’re just one desk over. We host virtual events and publish lots of helpful content, so you’re always caught up on industry trends.

Here’s what you can expect

1. Get to know each other

We'll spend time chatting with you to better understand your background, interests, areas of expertise, and the rate you charge.

2. Join our platform

If your background is a good fit for the projects we service, you'll be added to our platform and paired with opportunities that align with your skill set and meet your rate requirements.

3. Chat with the client

When an opportunity comes in that we think you’d crush, we'll share it with you. And if you're interested, we’ll set up an intro call with the client. If it’s a mutual fit, contracts are signed and you’ll be off and running!

4. Feel supported

We’ll introduce you to one of our client engagement partners who can help you navigate challenges as needed.

They've been in your shoes

They've been in your shoes

They've been in your shoes

“Working with Right Side Up is the easiest way to connect with reliable clients seeking your unique expertise.”


Copywriter & Content Strategist

“Right Side Up has been invaluable in helping me find relevant opportunities for my growing consultancy. The team works diligently and is highly skilled at matching experts with opportunities, creating effective partnerships for all of its client partners.”


Brand & Growth Marketer

“Right Side Up has been a great partner. They take great care in matching experts and companies that are a good fit for one another. I'm always confident that any client I'm introduced to is an excellent fit for my skills. And the RSU community is an amazing place to trade best practices with other marketers.”


CRM, Retention, Email

“It's been such a pleasure working with the Right Side Up team. They do a tremendous job matching folks like me with great clients to work with. This allows me to focus on doing the work I'm good at, helping early-stage companies grow.”


Paid Social

“Right Side Up has been an incredibly valuable resource and partner. They’ve connected me with some of my all time favorite clients and supported my growth as a full time consultant.”


Performance Marketing