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Right Side Up Talent Spotlight: Kyle Sherin


September 23, 2021


August 23, 2022

The Right Side Up Talent Spotlight series profiles some of our full-time employees and growth marketing consultants. We chatted with them to learn about their incredible professional experiences, expert marketing insights, and how they’re balancing work and life.

Kyle Sherin | Project Strategy

Kyle Sherin is a seasoned digital media professional with over 10 years of experience in performance marketing for brands like Allbirds, Netflix, and Nanigans (acquired by Sprinklr). He is part of the project strategy team at Right Side Up (RSU).

What does your role entail at Right Side Up?

I started here as a full-time digital marketing consultant and recently moved to the project strategy team. As a consultant, my day-to-day was much more analogous to what I was doing in my previous startup roles. But moving to project strategy is different from anything I’ve ever done. 

I get to open up great conversations with interesting companies to figure out how to help them grow. I work on solving the larger problems, concerns, and challenges of clients that span a range of industries and growth stages on a regular basis. And I find that clients work very easily with the project strategy team since we’ve all previously worked in-house and actually understand the challenges, as opposed to more traditional account managers who don’t have hands-on insights to pull from.

Even though I've only been with Right Side Up for five months, working on project strategy has been fantastic thus far. I've been devoting some of my time to the Amazon side of our business and have learned a ton in a very short period of time.

Tell us what excites you about growth marketing.

I’m particularly interested in the fluidity of growth marketing. When I first started out, mobile and video ads didn’t exist on Facebook but you could start to see what the future could hold for impact marketing. It’s been incredible to grow professionally alongside the digital marketing world, but we still haven’t reached the full potential and the percentage of overall marketing spend allocated for digital is still growing for most companies. Although I suspect that trend could soften as more “traditional” marketing channels are disrupted and adopt more of digital growth marketing's tools, tactics, and measurement rigor.

What were you up to before joining Right Side Up?

Over the last decade, I’ve worn various hats within performance marketing at high-growth companies. I worked on experiential promotions at SCVNGR; managed a client book at Nanigans, a digital marketing SaaS startup; led social marketing for international launches at Netflix; and drove growth marketing for Allbirds back during its high-growth stage. And before all of that, I was a hotel manager at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, where I realized that I liked staying in hotels more than managing them.

How has Right Side Up’s fully remote, flexible work environment helped your work-life balance?

The decision to work at a place like Right Side Up was intentional. I had left the startup world (and everything that goes with it), we were in the middle of the pandemic, and my partner and I wanted to move back east and work from home to spend more time with our kids. There were a lot of interesting opportunities out there, but I found Right Side Up and it was one of those “right place, right time” situations.

My family and I recently moved across the country to the east coast and purchased our first home. I share an office there with my partner who also works remotely and it's been great to have "water cooler" moments to catch up on life and family things that we usually did over text when we both worked in an office.

Kyle Sherin at the beach with his kid.
Kyle Sherin at a sporting event.
Kyle Sherin enjoying family time.

It also gives me more flexibility to take my kids to and from preschool and daycare. Having fuller control over my schedule, and being so close because I work from home, really just takes the pressure off from it being a “task” and instead it's something I look forward to. Oh, and hanging out with our dog Rosie is always a big bonus.

And now, let’s get to the fun stuff…

  • I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up.
  • My first concert was Christina Aguilera (smh).
  • I have a street named after me in New Jersey.
  • I’m currently listening to The Rewatchables podcast.
  • My favorite quote is “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”—Groucho Marx
Want to speak with Kyle and our Project Strategy team about your company’s growth strategy? Drop us a line at growth@rightsideup.co to get started. Or maybe you’re interested in joining the Right Side Up team? We’d love to chat—reach out to hello@rightsideup.co and we’ll be in touch.

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