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Right Side Up Talent Spotlight: Lissa Regets


February 28, 2022


August 23, 2022

The Right Side Up Talent Spotlight series profiles some of our full-time employees and growth marketing consultants. We chatted with them to learn about their incredible professional experiences, expert marketing insights, and how they’re balancing work and life.

Lissa Regets | Project Strategy

Lissa Regets is a marketer, advisor, consultant, strategist, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, speaker with more than a decade of experience working on 70+ lifestyle brands, startups, and social enterprises. She is part of the project strategy team at Right Side Up (RSU).

What does your role entail at Right Side Up?

I joined Right Side Up as a project strategist in November of 2021. What drew me to Right Side Up were the people—everyone is incredibly talented, interesting, and authentic. In my time here so far, I’ve seen that everyone is truly trying to help our clients, talent, and fellow co-workers. The honesty, integrity, and lack of ego is inspiring.

Everyday I get the opportunity to meet and help founders and growth leaders across many different industries and business models, learn from my peers who are in the trenches doing the work that’s needed to take brands to the next level and am supported in coaching and encouraging talent in how to achieve their career goals and aspirations.

Tell us what excites you about growth marketing.

Growth marketing is a great profession for those with a forever-curious mind. It’s always evolving and changing with new technologies, strategies, and tactics. A few areas I'm most excited about are social commerce, audio and voice-activated shopping experiences, and influencer marketing. I’m grateful that we live in a time where technology creates access and opportunities for anyone desiring to start a business.

What were you up to before joining Right Side Up?

Before I joined Right Side Up a few months ago, I was leading an in-house marketing team. Over the last 12 years, I’ve helped start, build, and grow more than 70+ entities, including brands like Dove, Degree, Axe, Lipton, Klondike, Breyer’s, Hellmann’s, Country Crock, LG Electronics, Quirky, EBY by Sofia Vergara, côte, Social Bluebook, FabKids, and Win Brands. 

I’m passionate about creating equity and access to opportunities. I've taught, advised or coached hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, inventors, and young professionals through programs including HSN’s American Dreams Program, SCORE, MentoringUSA, and CoachBook, and have participated on nonprofit boards including Gabriel’s Angels and I Have a Dream Foundation.

How has Right Side Up’s fully remote, flexible work environment helped your work-life balance?

My husband and I moved to Austin, TX from NYC just over a year ago. Going from a small one bedroom apartment to a spacious house is quite the shift, but we love it. I used to work, sleep, and live in one room and now I can switch up where I work in the house every day if I wanted to.

In addition to working full-time jobs, my husband and I are full-time caregivers for my mother. Being able to work remotely allows us to help her throughout the day when she needs us. There’s no way I could be there for her if I had a traditional in-office job. The leadership at Right Side Up has been very supportive and understanding throughout our journey and for this I am beyond grateful. I also love to travel and am excited Right Side Up gives me the opportunity to travel and work remotely in other cities and countries.

I’ve traveled to more than 40 countries and most US states. I believe it is not the places we travel to but rather the moments along the way that are among our favorite places. It’s the moments that are so perfect and so beautiful that they leave you standing there speechless and in awe. Whether it’s waking up to a crystal clear incredible view on day 2 of a 4 day Inca trail hike to Machu Picchu, standing on a beautiful hilltop next to a castle built in the 4th century B.C. overlooking what looks like an endless lake, or watching a stunning sunset with vibrant colors dancing across the sky, we are left with an image etched on our memory that we will forever cherish and go back to from time to time.

And now, let’s get to the fun stuff…

  • I love to hike and explore nature around Austin. I also love to workout at our local gym.
  • I’m a crime show junkie—I love NCIS, Law & Order, Bones, and Criminal Minds. I also love Drunk History, Drain the Oceans, and other random travel, science, or history documentaries.
  • Despite my geekiness, I love to play sports. I grew up playing basketball and softball, played for the US AFL (Australian Rules Football) team, threw javelin for ASU’s (Arizona State University) Track & Field Team and played rugby abroad.
  • I was that kid who liked to play with rocks. I wanted to grow up and become a geologist or geophysicist. I was curious about how places on Earth were formed and liked to think about what the Earth might look like in the future. My first internship was with Penn-DOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) studying the quality of the rocks that were put into roads across the state. While I thought rocks were interesting, people were more fascinating. I decided to pursue other areas where I could study human behavior and psychology, which eventually led me to marketing.
  • I’ve been reading Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss, an intriguing read about negotiation.
  • My favorite quote is “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” from Eleanor Roosevelt.
Want to speak with Lissa and our Project Strategy team about your company’s growth strategy? Drop us a line at growth@rightsideup.co to get started. Or maybe you’re interested in joining the Right Side Up team? We’d love to chat—reach out to hello@rightsideup.co and we’ll be in touch.

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