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How to Adapt Marketing Analytics in a Cookieless World with Chelsea Cramer


July 10, 2024

"Rather than focus on click-based attribution, I'm much more concerned about what the actual incremental impact is of advertising on all these different channels."

In this episode of Growth Talks, Krystina Rubino chats with Chelsea Cramer, Marketing Analytics Lead at Credit Karma. They dive into the world of marketing analytics, discussing the evolution of marketing tools, the impact of data privacy changes on attribution, and strategies for effective marketing measurement in a privacy-first world.

🗝️ Key Takeaways: 

  • Marketers need to adjust their strategies to handle the increasing limitations on user data tracking and the shift towards more privacy-focused marketing practices.
  • Focusing on the lifetime value of a customer rather than just the acquisition cost can lead to more sustainable marketing strategies.
  • Employing a mix of measurement methodologies like incrementality testing and media mix modeling can help marketers gain a more accurate picture of their campaigns' effectiveness.
  • Marketers should prepare for ongoing changes in the digital landscape, such as the deprecation of third-party cookies, by exploring and adopting new tools and techniques.
  • AI can significantly enhance marketing analytics by automating data analysis and providing deeper insights, which can lead to better decision-making.

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 Introduction to Chelsea Cramer, marketing analytics lead at Credit Karma

01:28 Evolution of marketing analytics landscape with new tools, increased focus on data privacy, and complex attribution models

03:57 How to tackle Google's privacy sandbox and the deprecation of third-party cookies

05:34 Effectively measuring data leveraging multiple methodologies

09:55 Importance of message and incrementality testing

20:31 Practical applications of AI in marketing analytics

25:02 Utilizing advanced analytics techniques like media mix modeling and multivariate testing

39:07 Closing thoughts on the future of marketing analytics, emphasizing continuous learning and adaptation to new technologies and methodologies

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