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How to Measure Offline Marketing Campaigns with Survey Based Attribution Methodology


December 15, 2021


December 15, 2021

Right Side Up’s Offline team has created a guide explaining how to measure offline marketing using survey-based attribution in partnership with EnquireLabs, a powerhouse Shopify plugin for post purchase surveys. Below is an overview of the guide—check out the full article over on the EnquireLabs blog.

To successfully scale your marketing efforts, you need to not only know your audience, but also know where those customers you’ve acquired came from. One of the best ways to gain that insight is through a post-purchase survey, also referred to as “How Did You Hear About Us,” “How Heard,” “HDYHAU,” etc.

Along with offline attribution, post-purchase surveys can also help to determine effective distribution of your marketing budget across channels.

Why Do You Need a “How Did You Hear About Us” (HDYHAU) Survey?

Post-purchase surveys are often overlooked in early stage companies, since the focus is typically on digital channels as the primary means of customer acquisition. Since digital offers many ways to measure performance—from pixel-based to last-click—HDYHAU surveys might not seem necessary.

Gathering direct-from-consumer data equalizes your marketing attribution across all media and makes it easier to see where your budget is making the most impact. And while it’s particularly useful for offline efforts, due to the breakage endemic to the channel, surveys also capture insights from your digital channels that you might otherwise miss.

Why is Survey-Based Attribution Methodology Important for Growth Marketers?

If you calculate CPA based on direct activity (vanity URLs, promo codes) alone, that leaves out attributable activity in the channel and leads to false negatives when testing in offline advertising.

Basing marketing decisions off of incorrectly inflated CPAs can hold you back from scaling as quickly as you should, since fewer shows would be renewed and you’d have to continue a high rate of iterative testing to find super-performing shows.

No matter what stage of growth you’re in, your marketing program can likely benefit from implementing a post-purchase survey into your measurement methodology. As consumers interact with brands through an ever-increasing number of touchpoints, understanding the complexities of multi-channel campaigns can give you valuable insights that help take your marketing to the next level.

So, head on over to EnquireLabs to check out our deep dive into offline attribution via post-purchase surveys.

Whether you want to learn more about how to measure your offline marketing using attribution methodology or you’re interested in incorporating offline channels into your marketing efforts, the offline experts at Right Side Up are here to help. Email growth@rightsideup.co to get started.

Krystina Rubino joined Right Side Up to start its offline marketing practice when she realized too many brands leave offline channels on the table, favoring digital channels past diminishing returns. She has been obsessed with all forms of media for as long as she can remember; she’s an agency and marketing leader with deep experience in building brands and meeting growth goals, for companies of all stages and sizes. She’s spent her career helping companies and brands like Advil, DoorDash, P&G, Lyft, and StitchFix, develop profitable digital and offline media campaigns, often as vanguards in their category and the medium. Her favorite question to ask is “What’s next?” when helping grow a business or scale a customer acquisition campaign.

Lindsay Piper Shaw is a director of offline marketing at Right Side Up, where she partners with innovative brands on in-house marketing initiatives, including podcast and other offline channels. Prior to joining Right Side Up, Lindsay scaled podcast campaigns for brands like quip, Lyft, and Texture, and she has also worked with McDonald’s, Honda, ampm, and Tempur-Sealy, among others. She is passionate about the podcast space as a growth driver, and especially loves educating newcomers in the channel. In her free time she listens to podcasts and makes a podcast called Murder We Wrote (she really can’t get enough podcasts).

Jes Parker is a writer and content marketer with experience creating B2B and consumer-facing assets that build brands and make complex concepts more human. She has worked with companies and nonprofits like Highstead Foundation, Trust for Public Land, Harvard University, the Museum of the City of New York, and Times Square Alliance to craft accessible and engaging content strategies.

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