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Right Side Up Talent Spotlight: Avery Ivey


April 19, 2024


Get to know Avery Ivey, Client Engagement Manager at Right Side Side Up. As a member of the Client Engagement team, Avery manages client relationships and operations including Right Side Up’s new CRM implementation.

Known for her fearless initiative, Avery Ivey is a Right Side Up team member who’s rolled up her sleeves to deploy a new customer relationship management platform company-wide and lead the integration with our Client Engagement team. In doing so, she received the honor of Core Value Superstar, upholding Right Side Up’s People value.

Deploying an entirely new CRM platform and migrating data isn’t easy, but Avery welcomed stakeholders to the table and ensured everyone remained up to speed throughout the process. Avery dedicated countless hours to ensuring data transferred properly and resolved bugs along the way, and now Right Side Up is positioned for further success with the CRM fully integrated.

Q&A with Avery Ivey

Avery, who started at Right Side Up in October 2021, joins us for this Talent Spotlight, a series profiling Right Side Up employees and growth marketing consultants within our talent network. It’s an opportunity to chat with experts and share who they are, their marketing insights gathered over the years, and how they balance work and life.

Here’s our conversation with Avery—in which she discusses her role at Right Side Up, what she loves about growth marketing, and how she spends her time outside of work.

Where is home these days? What is your work environment like?

Charleston, South Carolina! I live by myself and have a room dedicated for my office. Everything is set up in there, along with a couch for the pups to chill on while I work. I don’t venture out to work as much as I used to, but I’ll still set up at a coffee shop now and then.

What’s your title, how would you describe your current role at Right Side Up, and how long have you been with us?

Client Engagement Manager. I work on the Client Engagement team, managing relationships with our clients and helping with operations.

Lately, my focus has been on our CRM integration and ensuring that the platform works for every team at Right Side Up so that workflows aren’t disrupted during the migration. I’ve also been working closely with the CE team to see how we can use the CRM to improve our current workflows.

Tell me about your professional background and area(s) of expertise. Any achievements you’re proud of or notable brands you’ve worked with?

I’ve been in the marketing field for almost 10 years now and have dabbled in a little of everything—account management, PR, organic and paid social, event management, and more. I have also worked with various clients ranging from hospitality brands such as Kimpton Hotels and Mellow Mushroom to tactical equipment manufacturer Blue Force Gear.

About 3 years ago, I moved to the Client Engagement team at Right Side Up to help use my marketing skills in a different way—by managing marketers.

What excites you about growth marketing? Has your work changed since you first started? What do you see for the future of growth marketing?

Things have drastically changed in growth marketing since I started my career. Social media used to be less important than it is today, and video content was basically non-existent. The tools brands have these days to get their names and products or services out into the world are amazing and allow them to connect directly with consumers as efficiently as effectively.

What has the structure and flexibility of Right Side Up’s model allowed you to do outside of work?

I run a local animal rescue in Charleston—Eunoia Rescue. Right Side Up’s work-from-home flexibility allows me to be able to take in more fosters when needed and have time to deal with rescue problems as they pop up.

Working remotely has also allowed me to focus more on my health by going to the gym, using lunch for walks, and just being able to move when needed. Most recently, one of my pups got diagnosed with diabetes and requires an extremely strict routine, and I couldn’t imagine it being possible without my current setup.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer. I was obsessed with the A Cinderella Story movie and was convinced I would go to Yale and become a writer. When I joined the newspaper team in high school, I quickly shifted my love to design and originally went to school for graphic design.

What do you like to do for fun in your geographic area?

I spend a lot of time outdoors—taking the pups for walks by the water, going to the beach, lying by the pool, or just going for a run.

What TV show, podcast, book, video game, recipe, or other interest are you loving right now?

I’ve always been terrible at cooking, so I’ve started to enjoy testing out new recipes and baking. I also recently found a new love for crossword puzzles.

What was your first concert?

First concert was Shania Twain—and I’ve been a concert junkie ever since.

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to? Why?

This is tough. I recently started traveling more and have visited some cool places—London, Edinburgh, and Cartagena. But an old favorite that I still love going to is Nashville—the city has just a whole different vibe and I love it.

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Avery personifies Right Side Up’s People value by rejecting the professional facades often found in growth marketing and seeking to know every individual she interacts with. You also see it in her personal life, dedicating time to a local animal rescue. No matter the challenges Avery and her peers face, she takes an approach led by compassion and positivity to move everyone forward together.

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