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Building Diversified, Sustainable DTC Marketing Strategies with Manbir Sodhia


April 30, 2024

“Growth is all about learning and it boils down to having an experiment matrix where everything you do, every campaign, every touch point is an experiment—from a Facebook ad to your entire pricing strategy.”

In this episode of Growth Talks, Krystina Rubino chats with Manbir Sodhia, SVP of Marketing at Whisker, the brand behind the innovative products including Litter-Robot, Feeder-Robot, and Litterbox. Manbir discusses how to build the foundation needed for sustainable DTC acquisition strategies, the importance of diversifying beyond Meta and Google, and how he leverages his secret weapon, a growth matrix, to build an experimentation mindset on his teams.

⏰ Timestamps:

00:00:00 Introduction and guest background

00:02:12 Manbir's transition from music to marketing

00:07:21 Building the foundation of DTC customer acquisition

00:14:15 Navigating channel expansion and market complexities

00:22:17 Adapting strategies in dynamic market conditions

00:30:28 Diversifying acquisition beyond Facebook and Google

00:45:56 The impact of authenticity and company culture on marketing

00:51:26 Manbir's perspective on growth "non-hacks"

00:53:03 Conclusion and appreciations

🔗 Links to check out

Learn more about Whisker: www.whisker.com

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